Please pay attention to the stuff my lawyer wrote. At least give it a try, she really made an effort not to be too stuffy.

Please keep in mind that I am doing all this to show the world what complete strangers can accomplish together. I have no prospect of any compensation, so I can’t afford a lawyer for all kinds of fuss about App The Movie. So please, guarantee a minimum things I need from you by checking the box:

Your film:

  • Is epic and I can publish it and parts thereof unlimitedly and worldwide via every conceivable medium (hereafter referred to as: Broadcast).
  • May be combined with other films, shortened and edited and basically, I can do everything else necessary to make App The Movie larger than life (add music, translate, add material, et cetera).
  • Contains only materials that are either originally yours or will at least not infringe on any right of anyone else.

You and all the actors/ persons who star in the picture:

  • Are enthusiastic about being in App The Movie and to be Broadcasted. They have given their full consent to this and are committed to the conditions herein.
  • Waive all moral rights insofar possible.
  • Will not give others permission to broadcast the film or parts thereof.
  • Will cooperate if I need to formalize anything herein.
  • Will receive as full compensation for all this: the heroic feeling that you are participating in this great project with complete strangers.

Everything that has to do with the film:

  • Is subject to Dutch law. If there is a fuss about something or someone in relation to your film and we have to go to a court, we will go to court in Amsterdam. There are better reasons to come to Amsterdam, so please avoid this.
  • Please realize that as the producer of App The Movie, I will be the owner of your film and App The Movie, including all copyrights.


  • Will include your name in the credits when I use your film.
  • Will keep you informed of the fun developments at every opportunity.
  • Are eternally grateful to you for your participation and I promise that I will make App The Movie great.

For questions please use the contact form or check out the FAQ page. You can find App The Movie at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 01135072. VAT number NL001454269B56.made