HOW it works

Inspiration, technical details and the proces step by step


how it works

1. You record a video

With your phone, cheap or pro camera you record your footage.

2. You send it via WhatsApp

This is the easy part.

3. We keep you involved

We go to work. We check your video and if it is useful we put it on the timeline and it becomes part of the movie.

4. Your name in the credits

Bucketlist things. Your name on the credits of an actual movie. Been there, done that.

5. A première invitation

Don't know where, don't know when. But the least we can do is invite you to the grand première.

don't listen to us

create what you want

As long as it suits a thriller

entries and ambassadors until now from:

The Netherlands, England, Cameroon, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Australia, Argentina, Amerika, Iran, Russia, Nigeria, Benin, Cambodia Swaziland, Albania and Canada.

what to record

if you need some inspiration

1. A bit of storytelling

Tell a realy scary or suspensful story, or a part of a story. Something that you experienced yourself for example. Or a story you've heard or made up. Or tell us a local urban myth. As long as it is original and not copied from some book, movie or website.

2. Play a short scene, alone or with a group

Want to do acting? Great! Create a small scene, with or without dialogue.

3. Film your surroundings in an exciting or suspenseful way

Show us where you live and how great nature is. Or how impressive your city is. How small your house is, or how you go from a to b.

4. Film a dialogue with someone else

Talk with a friend or collegue about an exiting story, a spooky experience or a suspenseful happening.

5. Do a stunt or special effect, but be careful

Create something special. Make it bang, make it scary, do some daredevil things. As long as you are not hurting yourself or someone else.

another great idea?

perfect! suprise us!

send us the raw uneditted video file without filters and color grading

Important before you start

technical STUFF

A. Video must be created by yourself

Don’t send us video files that are not made by you. Due to copyright rules we can only use personal made content. Don’t copy stuff from others.


B. Resolution is Full HD 1920x1080 30fps

Videofiles must have a minimal Full HD resolution. We edit on 30fps (frames per second, progressive). Check your device before you start filming.

C. Max file size is up to 16MB / 3 min

These are the restrictions of WhatsApp. So keep it short, lean and mean and send it clean. Or cheat and send us a Wetransfer link.

D. Good sound, light and low noise

Check your set up, do a testrun, film during daylight or use some lamps. Tell your dog to be quiet and check the wind. A good microphone is great.

E. Film horizontally and not vertically

Unless your creative idea needs to be filmed vertically, please hold your phone horizontal while filming. The screen has a 16:9 ratio.


Don't send us existing social media footage made by others, create your own content

'The language of our movie is English'

step 1 - UNTIL 31 DEC 2021

collecting input & develop the story

1. Collect video's

You send us your video file input via WhatsApp.

2. Organize video files

We organize the files in our system.

3. Assemble first timeline

We put the usefull videofiles in the correct order on a timeline.

4. Develop the story

We develop the story that is appearing on the timeline.

5. Check missing scenes

We check the open parts between the different scenes.

If we have enough input we create the movie from all the STEP 1 video files.
If there are still some gaps in the story we proceed with STEP 2.

step 2 - if required

create aditional scenes

1. Call for additional scenes

We let you know what scenes we need in adition.

2. Collect new video images

If you have a great idea for a scene you record it and send it to us.

3. Reassemble timeline

We add the new video files on the timeline.

4. Develop story more

The story is getting clearer. We develop it to the final version.

5. Final check missing scenes

We check what scenes and overall storylines are missing.

step 3 - if required

develop the input with the crew

1. Work with crew & actors

We put together a crew of professionals.

2. Record missing scenes

We record the parts of the story that are missing with the crew.

3. Working on the final assembly

We rework the timeline to shape the final story.

4. Corrections, music and sound

We do color corrections, add music and sound effects.

5. Global première

We are planning a global première, No date yet, but we keep you posted.


step by step

in a visual way

Collect video's

Assemble first timeline

Check missing scenes

Call for aditional scenes (if required)

Final check missing scenes

Work with crew and actors (if required)

Working on the final assembly

Finish movie and global première

ready - set - go!

more questions?