App the movie is a new way to create an exiting thriller. By letting the crowd submit video files via WhatsApp. We don’t know what the story of this movie is, the crowd decides that. You decide that. From all the submitted video files and all the different stories we create one suspenseful thriller. The way of creating this movie via WhatsApp is an idea of Dutch video maker Remon de Jong.

On the page ‘Submit video file’ are two buttons that take you directly to our WhatsApp account. There you can send your files, using your smartphone and your WhatsApp app or with your computer and the Web WhatsApp page. It’s very easy!

We cluster stories and video images and create an new story from that. It’s a challenge, we know. But we think that it is possible and that it will result in an exiting thriller. 

No, we only use WhatsApp as a tool for communication and connecting creatives.

No, we are independent and only use WhatsApp as a tool for communication. But we are open for a collaboration. Mark, give us a call!

We don’t know yet, you can decide for yourself by submitting a video. We only know that we want to make a thriller. So make your input exiting!

Not that we know. To create a movie this way is unique and therefore a great way to write cinematic history.

Our goal is to make a full length movie of around two hours.But it all depends on the input, your input.

Send us some info about what you can contribute and we take it from there.

Yes, of course. Animation is a great way to tell a story so feel free to create something for our thriller.

No, this is the first one. But is was our dream for a long time. We’ve made a lot of short video productions and are ready for the big one.

Of course. You can submit as much as you want. Just don’t spam us.

No. We have to filter the submissions to create a coherent story. But we try to use as much submitted video files as possible.

By submitting a video you give us permission to use it for the film. Withdrawing is of course very inconvenient if we have processed your fragment in a scene. Therefore, it is not possible to withdraw your video file after submitting it.

Anything from Full HD is fine. So at least 1920×1080. 4K or 8K is also fine, but that makes your file size huge.

We deliberately do not give too much direction to the entrants about what can be filmed or what the story is. Total freedom to make whatever you want. As long as it fits with an exciting thriller.

We don’t know yet. We decide that based upon the story you all send us.

If you record dialogue or bits of spoken word please use the English language. So we can understand the content and place it on right spot on our timeline.

Shortening is the only thing that is possible. Or create separate files. WhatsApp has file size restrictions that we cannot change. But that also makes it exciting. Small cheat code: Wetransfer 😉

Shorten, or send the video separate fragments. WhatsApp has restrictions on video length that we cannot do anything about. But that also makes it exciting. Small cheat code: Wetransfer 😉

Yes, we can only use moving images like video and animation. Don’t send us pictures, music or sound files. Video all the way.

Rather not, we prefer the video as pure as possible. Without effects, music or color corrections. We will of course add these ourselves, to make it a whole.


No, of course not. We want to make something different and special. We can not pay for the submissions but we pay professionals we work with. We also put in a lot of our time and effort to make this happen with you all.

If you submit a video you are part of the movie making crew. We keep you up to date, exclusivly show you where we are in the process and put your name on the credits.

No, unfortunatly we can not pay everybody for their submisions. That’s part of the experiment of making a movie this way. Start with an idea, not with a budget. In a later stage we work with a professional crew. Via donations we are planning to pay them a fair price.

No locations or dates yet, but we keep you posted.

Do you have another question? Send us a message and we add the answer to the list above.