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To make App The Movie a global movie, we need ambassadors.
In every country.

What does an ambassador do?

only the fun stuff

Networking and share a great story

Our goal is to get as much people as possible involved in co-creating the App The Movie. And we want to make sure your country is represented.

As an ambassador you actively distribute the story of App The Movie within networks of film makers, creatives and other people who may want to participate. Through local media, social media, websites, on- and offline groups and other platforms used in your country. 
We support you with a lot of input. Images, video’s and texts. To make sharing the story as easy as possible.

Who can become an ambassador?


Learn, grow and connect

Everybody can become an ambassador of App The Movie. You do need to be able to network. It is important that you know how to reach filmmakers and creative people in your country. And that you know how to get the most out of social media posts. You don’t need to have a large network, but you know where you can find them and how to reach out to them.

What do we offer you as ambassador?

as much as we can

Be part of a global team

You will become part of the App The Movie team.
You learn from best practices in networking and movie making from a group of global people.
You get access to a worldwide network of people with the same passion. Movie making.
You are the first to know about news and developments regarding App The Movie.
You can share your ideas with us and the rest of the ambassadors. So you become a co-creator deluxe.
You will have exclusive access to the special ambassadors page, with lots of support materials and info.

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