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'stop dreaming, start making'

WhatsApp the Movie Remon

Meet the maker

Hi there! I am Remon de Jong (1977) from Amsterdam and the initiator of App The Movie. My dream since way back is to make a movie. Time to stop dreaming and make it real.

Currently I am running my own animation studio, helping brands and artists to tell their story. My work is writing, directing, editing and animation. Storytelling is something I did almost my whole life, with video as a favorite medium.

Making this movie is working with a global group of creatives in a way that suits me. I love to connect with other creatives and be insprired by there creations. Suprise me with your input and I will add my skills to make it a 110%.

My story

Since I was 18 I work in the creative industry. As a designer, painter and musician I've made a lot of cool stuff and worked with a lot of great people across the globe.

I discovered the power of video and film and my work changed drasticly. Movement, sound, music and storytelling, all combined in one medium. So I started making music video's, content for Dutch tv shows and documentaries.

Six years ago I started my own animation studio. Now I am combining my drawing skills, my audio addiction and my love for storytelling. I work as a video maker and content producer. But there is one thing still on my bucketlist. A real, long and exiting movie. But I am realizing that dream right now.

Why App The Movie?

Why I am not making a movie the 'normal' way, with a script, a cast, a crew and a budget? Isn't that much easier?

Because this is more suprising!

By asking a global group of people to give you input, the direction of where this project leads me is uncertain. It allows me to stay open for new paths during the whole proces.

And I am very curious what happens when you send a plan like this out to the crowd. What stories need to be heard and what combinations can I make? To create a multi layered exiting thriller that I would like to watch.